Sunday, 25 April 2010

Focus on Gordon Brown being a cunt

To good a picture to miss the opportunity of mocking.

Just look at it, open mouthed and yet nothing new to say. No tie exposing all that neck fat for the world to see, whilst it waves its snot covered fingers about.

Oh an I thought that the fat cunt was supposed to be on a diet, chomping down on banana's and such like? Still looks like the same fat, lying about going jogging fat bastard he always was; the cunt.


  1. omfg I LOVE this page!!!
    I think we have the same level of hate for him!

    Go you !

  2. Get out of number 10 gord it's time to pack.I supose as a bloody tax payer i'll have to pay to decorate the place for Dave. Shit taste in wall paper and soft furnishings I suspect.As times are hard and mfi went under I'll have to go to ikea so I'm sorry Dave but if it's not to your taste then you can thank the previous government for spend spend spend.

  3. Has any one noticed that he has to gasp after each sentance like some old slug that has just been dusted with salt and is gurgling for his life what a toad?