Sunday, 18 October 2009


But can not decide which type he likes.Gordon Brown has finally revealed his favourite biscuit - after 24 hours of dithering.

The Prime Mentalist did nothing for his reputation for indecision when he refused to give a straight answer to the vital issue during a live web chat. But yesterday he tried to bring the 'Biscuitgate' controversy to an end by announcing that he was partial to chocolate ones.

Even then, he would not be pinned down and declined to say whether he preferred Bourbons, chocolate digestives, Jaffa cakes or American-style chocolate-chip cookies.

The Biscuitgate row started when Mr Brown answered questions on the Mumsnet website on a wide range of issues, including his recent eye problem. But it all went wrong when he repeatedly failed to respond to enquiries from parents about his favourite biscuit.

It is understand that before he made a decision after some advice from Lord Fondlebum and a team of advisor's who set up a nibble czar to deal with biscuit related questions. The delay was also in part due to his needing his meds and being curled up in a fetal position under his desk crying and having to be persuaded that the voices were not real but just the delusions come back again...


  1. A Downing Street spokesman has also confirmed that Gordon is rather partial to plain chocolate finger and, yes, he does like to dunk too ;-)

  2. Oh how sweet it is.He's partial to the CHOCOLATE ones.That,in one sentance,explains everything I ever needed to know about mass immigration into Britain